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On Jan 15, 2008 2:22 AM, Martin Foster <msfoster at telkomsa.net> wrote:
> and would like to know more about floatation
> tanks.

The best site for that is here - http://floatforhealth.net/

> What I surmise is that external noise is reduced and that one
> thereby feels separated from the world.

well the water temperature is the same as skin temperature, so your
sense of boundaries reduces.

but yes, REST (restricted environmental stimulus technique) is another
name for floating, so cutting out external input is part of it

> I can only assume that "mind
> chatter" continues in the tank. :)

a lot of moment-to-moment energy goes into keeping oneself upright ---
both afferent and efferent. Floating cuts that out... not only that
but you finally are in water and are not having solid masses pressing
into your body... beats laying on a couch by untold amounts.

There's also endorphin release and the many benefits of Epsom Salts -

I drove 6 hours in one day, bombarded with restimulants to the point
of near neuroticism. A 1-hour float melted it all away. You simply
become more interested in expanding rather than contracting due to
past trauma. I've been without floating for more than 1 week now and I
feel like a beached whale and my mental issues are returning --- silly
things like arguing with a past boss who always thought poorly of me
without good reason. Arguing with co-workers who said: "I dont trust
anything written by Hubbard" (and yet they dont even know what a
Reactive Mind is.. and yet they are Christian and have issues with OT3
theory... body thetans versus walking on water and burning bushes...

Dont feel obligated to answer my questions below directly... perhaps
just make a general document that everyone can read on joining the

> Many on first reading TROM - read it through other filters and get
> confused. This is usually due to added complexities which they
> assimilated from other approaches.

> Dennis developed TROM using Scientology basics.

It seems to be Dianetics basics... Dennis was a Dianetics auditor
trained directly by LRH.

> B U T - there are
> major differences:
> In TROM one avoids "The long night of the soul" and one eventually
> gets to see it as just another trap.

I'm not familiar with "The long night of the soul"

> TROM creates NO "hidden influences" which most other "isms" and/or
> "ologies set up to address.

oh you mean entities? restimulants? and you used the word "creates" as
if the auditor/self-clearer is actually introducing these things

this is different from discovering a hidden influence.

> TROM doesn't use "recall" processes and does not expand "Time track"
> concepts in the mind.  Therefore Ogger's, Hubbards or even Buddha's
> "time track" although entertaining doesn't particularly interest or
> appeal to TROMMER's.

what tickles me is how close the pronunciation of "TROM" is to "trauma"

> Oh yes! and you will also discover that you don't have to free
> everyone's minds to resolve your own. :)

very nice.

> I hope this partially answers your question of whether you should
> study TROM carefully.  If you do - you may find it the best "false
> data stripping"  you have ever done.

Yes, I will apply Hubbard study tech starting at page 1. No need to rush things.

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