[TROM1] Jurgen on Postulate and a win on level 3

Martin Foster msfoster at telkomsa.net
Tue Jan 15 07:27:43 UTC 2008

Thanks for the advice Woytek - One revels in one's own progress and 
euphoria's - and instead of continuing tend to rest on one's laurels. :)


At  10/01/08 Thursday 20:43, Woytek Tworzydlo wrote:
>I am now working through Level 4, taking my time with it just like I 
>did with the previous levels. Yes, indeed, this level goes way deep 
>and brings up layers and layers of charge. My quite typical 
>cognition is "What in the world am I doing?" -- it is amazing to see 
>how a fixed idea can get you going in circles for half the lifetime 
>(or several of them), while the fixed idea is completely 
>nonsensical. Very funny, except while you are in it. ;-)
>I will not share my detailed cognitions with you, because you have 
>the right to your own, and I am sure you have plenty of them. 
>However, I do want to point out one thing, maybe useful to all TROMmmers:
>I'd suggest that you don't get too attached to your cognitions and 
>new improved viewpoints, importances and goals, even if they seem to 
>be a great progress. You will likely have new ones that are even 
>more freeing. What we are doing in TROM L4 and L5 is walking back up 
>a chain of substitute for substitute for substitute for ..... for 
>the original creative postulate. And, at least for me, the onion has 
>way more layers than I ever expected (I was going to be superhuman 
>some ten years ago after 100 to 400 hours of dianetics - isn't that 
>what the "Dianetics" book promised?). But then, each layer of the 
>onion burns my eyes a little less and tastes a little sweeter.

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