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Martin Foster msfoster at telkomsa.net
Tue Jan 15 07:22:30 UTC 2008

Hi Terrence,

Welcome to a very quiet list. I too played around with various 
approaches until finding TROM. I remain interested in various 
spiritualologies :) and would like to know more about floatation 
tanks.  What I surmise is that external noise is reduced and that one 
thereby feels separated from the world.  I can only assume that "mind 
chatter" continues in the tank. :)

Many on first reading TROM - read it through other filters and get 
confused. This is usually due to added complexities which they 
assimilated from other approaches.

At some point I hope to properly summarize the differences between 
Scientology and TROM.

Dennis developed TROM using Scientology basics. B U T - there are 
major differences:

In TROM one avoids "The long night of the soul" and one eventually 
gets to see it as just another trap.

TROM creates NO "hidden influences" which most other "isms" and/or 
"ologies set up to address.

TROM doesn't use "recall" processes and does not expand "Time track" 
concepts in the mind.  Therefore Ogger's, Hubbards or even Buddha's 
"time track" although entertaining doesn't particularly interest or 
appeal to TROMMER's.

Oh yes! and you will also discover that you don't have to free 
everyone's minds to resolve your own. :)

I hope this partially answers your question of whether you should 
study TROM carefully.  If you do - you may find it the best "false 
data stripping"  you have ever done.


At  15/01/08 Tuesday 01:53, Theta Quest wrote:
>Hi everyone, my name is Terrence Brannon. I am a big fan of flotation
>tanks and will have one of my own soon. However, I always like some
>intellectual understanding of what consciousness is and what genuine
>expanded consciousness has as its hallmarks. Save to say that it's not
>enough to have trippy experiences by Scientology standards. If you
>cannot create and manipulate reality, then you are not truly the
>near-static self-aware thought unit that you once were.
>I like Ken Ogger's Infinity of Universes, as he presents in "Super
>Scio" and his Self-Clearing exercises are quite impressive as well.
>I ended up here at the TROM list because the brevity of the manual
>combined with the promise of going clear by myself is appetizing.
>I'm wondering if one should thoroughly understand the theory before
>attempting the practice. I found the theory to be very confusing and
>foreign. I spent 4 months in a CoS org and have been in the FZ
>(electronically only, surveying various groups) for about 8 months,
>but much of the tech vocabulary and explanations were very confusing
>from the outset.
>Also, I want to mention that I keep a list of the various Freezone 
>paths here -
>My feeling is that if I really grind away at understanding the theory,
>then I will have much more confidence in the practice and will
>understand why Dennis says to do certain things at certain points in
>the processing.

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