[TROM1] TROM - too high a gradient for the uninitiated?

peter schanz phavethemissing at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 10 18:34:51 UTC 2008

I am one of two possibly three to six that are in the L.A. area that have just been looking it over.....me being the one that has introduced it to the half dozen peeps and the one with the most interest.
  For about five weeks three of us were meeting at me house and reading it over.....attempting to get out teeth in it.
  I am the one most frustrated....been trying to get this up and running but I feel like i am spending to much energy trying to keep there interest...and wish I had more peeps to get trom up and running for me......
  I would be open to anything in regards to creating a group that helps us all get it going and support one another on moving as far as one desires.
  p.schanz at yahoo.com

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    Martin, I welcome your idea of a workshop. People will have many
questions. This forum and the mailing list will provide some answers
to these questions. But a workshop environment is a more personal
approach, where people have a chance to ask questions and having them
answered right away. Great idea. :-)

  Yes it is a great idea.  Are there any people here that live in Los Angeles and if so could we arrange to get together every so often? Thanks

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