[TROM1] Jurgen on Postulate and a win on level 3

Martin Foster msfoster at telkomsa.net
Thu Jan 10 16:26:02 UTC 2008

Jurgen - I'm posting on the old list - hope you get my reply - All 
mails to me from 24 Dec to 6 Jan were regarded as spam by my server 
and I had to dig them out. Seems it was caused by Google alerts.

Thanks for sharing your wins.

What I like about RI is that it repairs importances which were so 
attached to my mind.  I used to create imaginary things. Now I create 
imaginary "importances" and they quickly fill the vacuum created by 
time breaking.

I've been a bit lax with L4 - Eight classes of overwhelm. I got so 
much when I started but then went into procrastination. I intend 
getting through this in the next month or so.

May I just say that in Scio I did the Johannesburg confessional and 
whole track confessional. The eight classes are far rougher and reach 
deeper than either of the foregoing.  Has anyone else done them?


At  25/12/07 Tuesday 11:46, Jurgen wrote:
>I want to mention 3 things here, the first is my new understanding of
the word postulate which might also be of interest to other people,
the 2nd thing is about the second command of RI and the last thing is
a small win that i had on level 3.

Since the beginning of Trom i have never really 'studied' or 'cleared
up' the word "postulate". So these last days i started to look at this
word and the reason for this is that i have set some goals for 2008
regarding Trom and one of them was to go after the mind and learn to
control it. The first block i encountered is my full understanding of
the word postulate since Dennis mentions that this universe constists
of life and postulates and that the mind is collection of past
overwhelms, aka postulates.
I realized that up until now i considered a postulate as something
magical until i started to 'clear it up' and found that it is nothing
more than a causitive 'thought', a 'thought' with intend, a 'thought'
considered important. Even beliefs, judgements fall under the header
of 'considerations' which are pure 'thoughts'.

The 2nd command of RI has puzzled people, including myself, as to why
this is part of RI. Now Trom states that 'to be known - to know' is a
creative postulate and 'to know - to be know' is a postulate to know
effects created by others. But doing this yourselfs makes you share
that creation/effect so is just as well a part of creating an effect.

In one of my last sessions i was looking at a scene with a person and
i spotted that i place a lot of significances on that person. Now
doing that is fine but to see that i was an effect of those
importances is very much of a cognition for me :-) The scene itself
with all the objects and bodies was rather like a clear pool of water,
nothing much of importance their, and timebreaking that was rather
smooth. Now i realize how we let certain people have a command power
over ones self and a game condition it is, for me it was good to
really 'see' it with my own uhhhh...... 'eyes' :-)

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