[TROM1] Remove/Delete file

Martin Foster msfoster at telkomsa.net
Wed Jan 9 09:46:38 UTC 2008

At  08/01/08 Tuesday 11:43, Jurgen Kluft wrote:
>Can the file "Homer about TROM.doc" since his interpretation of TROM 
>is incorrect.

I haven't looked at his interpretation for a while as I regarded it 
as his attempt to explain TROM to Scientologists. TROM may have it's 
basis in Scientology but TROM is not just an improvement on the GPM 
or Actual GPM's of Scientology. It is far more than that. Any 
Scientologist who studies TROM becomes very aware of  "The long night 
of the soul" :-(

And therefor I agree with you - it would be better to rather just study TROM.

PS: I'm sending this to the trom list at newciv.org as well as I 
don't know how many TROMMERS are on the googlegroups list. Why was 
another list created?  Seems to spread ourselves thinner than we are.   

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