[TROM1] some questions

Svein Tore Nummedal svein-tore.nummedal at mapsolutions.no
Thu Nov 16 13:35:06 UTC 2006


I have been on the list for quite some time and have some questions. Like
some other previously mentioned I too have some problems in understanding
the difference between the 8 levels of overwhelm and would like some extra
info on this. Maybe the extra docs You sent to Richard Lyne, Martin.


I have studied Scientology and LRH materials since 1994 but have given up on
the Church a long time ago. I am currently doing level 2 of TROM and have
nice wins from this exercise. I have some trouble of finding place and time
to do it while I have a lot of children who demands me at home. I am trying
to do it on the bus and train in the morning when on my way to work. 


Svein Tore Nummedal  


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