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Prajna929 at aol.com Prajna929 at aol.com
Fri Nov 10 19:12:36 UTC 2006

Hi everyone, I find myself in a bind regarding TROM and hope that someone can 
help me with some  advise.  First of all, my only prior experience with any 
kind of self clearing technology is that I am currently doing the Self Analysis 
book by Hubbard and also the Handbook for Preclears. I have also downloaded 
the Self Clearing Manual by the Pilot. And Now I have TROM.  Should I work for 
a while from the other books before attempting TROM?  I have read through the 
theoretical section and it seems a bit confusing to me. Alot of terminology 
and concepts that I'm not used to. What would you advise? Can I contact someone 
by phone while I am working through this stuff with any questions or problems 
I might have?  I'd appreciate any help offered. I really want to improve my 
life and know that this technology works.  I'm just not used to the terminology 
or application methods.  Thank you very much.

Mike Fleischman
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