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Woytek Tworzydlo woytek at tx.altair.com
Sun Nov 5 03:05:11 UTC 2006

Welcome, Richard,

This list is quiet because we TROM, rather than discussing TROM. If you 
have questions regarding running it, somebody will respond, just as 
Martin did.

One comment about L4 - Martin's explanation is correct. Don't be 
surprised, though, if you end up in somebody else's viewpoint or some 
such. Just TimeBreak.

I am on Level 4 and it is great. I just learn more and more about myself 
and have great insights into what I am (or am not) doing. Maybe not 
explosive wins, but rather continuous, thorough and steady clearing.

Good TROMming to you,

Martin Foster wrote:

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> At  02/11/2006  10:50  Thursday, Richard Lyne wrote:
>> I simply want to be able to run the commands without having to 
>> re-figure out the meaning. Are there any other docs apart from the 
>> manual? 
> There are a few which I'll attach on private mails to you.
>> Are there many people currently doing TROM or is it somewhat neglected?
> The list is very quiet - I don't know how many are currently doing 
> Trom. I think there are about a hundred on the list?? Those doing Trom 
> seem to overcome their erstwhile charge against the CoS and LRH almost 
> in the same fashion as an identified third party becomes ignored. :)
> Woytek and Leôncio Madruga often answer mails - They are, in my 
> opinion, expert Trommers.
> Martin
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