[TROM1] Newbie

Martin Foster msfoster at telkomsa.net
Thu Nov 2 09:49:51 UTC 2006

At  02/11/2006  10:50  Thursday, Richard Lyne wrote:
>I simply want to be able to run the commands 
>without having to re-figure out the meaning. Are 
>there any other docs apart from the manual?

There are a few which I'll attach on private mails to you.

>Are there many people currently doing TROM or is it somewhat neglected?

The list is very quiet - I don't know how many 
are currently doing Trom. I think there are about 
a hundred on the list?? Those doing Trom seem to 
overcome their erstwhile charge against the CoS 
and LRH almost in the same fashion as an 
identified third party becomes ignored. :)

Woytek and Leôncio Madruga often answer mails - 
They are, in my opinion, expert Trommers.

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