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Thanks Martin
It's good to hook up with someone else doing TROM. I audited confessionals,
but always as an auditing action, they could be great and the forgiveness
step was wonderful! Never did Jo'burg (rather evaluative) and w/t
confessionals seem rather foolishly impossible to complete in my opinion.
Luckily when I did them it was a relatively safe period to hear
confessionals. I think done properly they have some merit.
Your overt/ motivator helps. I'll redraw the diagrams showing the cause
point and intended receipt point.
I simply want to be able to run the commands without having to re-figure out
the meaning. Are there any other docs apart from the manual? Are there many
people currently doing TROM or is it somewhat neglected?
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At  01/11/2006  16:26  Wednesday, Richard Lyne wrote:
>Level 4 is running deeper and "indicates" to me.
>One difficulty I have is, sometimes I find it hard to differentiate
>between the 8 classes of overwhelm. I've tried drawing diagrams to
>sort out the flows and who is doing the forcing or preventing, but
>sometimes it distracts me from being in session, when I have to try
>to re-figure out what the commands mean.
I am not complete on L4 yet. And I had Johannesburg and Whole Track
Confessional. That was a bit of being forced. :)
I see it as follows: (I have added Overt or motivator.)
The eight classes of overwhelm:
1)Forced to know. - Motivator
2)Preventing from being known. - Overt
3)Prevented from knowing. - Motivator
4)Forcing to be known. - Overt
5)Forced to be known. - Motivator
6)Preventing from knowing - Overt
7)Prevented from being known. - Motivator
8)Forcing to know. - Overt
I hope that helps.
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