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david hartley david at holistiq.com
Sun Jan 31 10:06:21 UTC 2010

Hi Friends,

Just reporting in  ;-)

My daughther's grandmother (Kerri, the mom's mother) is going back home to
Minnesota after being here most (if not all) of the time since Callie's

Unaware of this at the time, I seem to have made a perfectly timed offer of
babysitting,  and it appears that this may happen in the very near future.
 (I have only seen Callie a handful of times, and during a couple of those a
jealous granny was hovering around.)

On another topic ..  as I think you know, I've been outside contract I.T.
person for Cafe Gratitude for just over 2yrs.  Having weathered what seems
like the depth of "the recession" Cafe Gratitude has just opened 2 new
restaurants (a vegan Mexican food place, www.Gracias-Madre.com @ 18th &
Mission  & their 2nd in cooperation with Whole Foods Markets, in WFM's
gigantic flagship Cupertino location, adjacent to Apple computer main

So, due to the now very obvious fact that WFM wishes to have many more Cafe
Gratitudes, plus the fact that there are investor groups formed to bring
Cafe Gratitude to L.A. and Kansas City (?!  :)   it is plainly clear to all
@ Cafe Gratitude that they need me to be "inside"  and in the flow of
management conversations .. and tasked with creating and maintaining a
scalable I.T. structure  to support rapid growth of the company.

Thus, I am as of tomorrow on a 6 month contract-to-hire, with flex hours to
average 24hrs/wk @ $850/wk.
My main collaborator in the company scoffs at the 6 months & says 2 to 3,
but we'll see.
Assuming the same rate of pay, my fulltime gig should start at around $75k
-very low for a CIO or CTO (chief information officer / chief technology
officer) but there is no company I'm aware of that I'd rather work for ....
and they're not stingy, I'd think $100k should be achievable given what I
expect as the rapid deployment into WFM.

I know this kinda $$ is barely middle of the road around here, & won't get
me far in the housing market, but I'm pretty excited about my position, &
the money seems like plenty.

Having the opportunity to practice Dad skills with Callie will be the icing
on the cake !

That's my big news  ;-)

warm wishes,
david 510.859.4050
I.T. support: www.CafeGratitude.com
co-founder: www.GratefulMindandBody.com ; www.BlessingsCommunity.com ;
web developer: www.iamResourceful.com  & others...

friends/singer/songwiters Makepeace bros: "Hero" -listen:

On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 7:38 AM, Letecia Layson <letecia at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dave, She is very beautiful!
> Congrats all the way around on the news you share.
> Thanks for posting!
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