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Actually, the cause of the misuse of science is how people think, don't you think? Modern science is not something that requires faith... things either work or they don't. How science is applied, how results of experiments are used, what is ignored or not, and how much is simply made up out of whole cloth in order to promote a possible new product and therefor profit is not a part of science... it is the choice of people thinking in terms of their society and especially the con game called 'economics'. 

Science does not require faith or belief... it does require clear thinking to apply it or reject it on the basis of what works and what does not. Our society applies everything in terms of money and profit, and people, the environment, and almost everything else, comes in second to profit. It's the the misuse of science and technology which causes the problems.

Much of our society's use of technology is simply a distortion of science findings created to fit the necessity of supporting the virtual system of money. It's like the catholic church describing the effects of illness on the basis of 'demons' and 'Satan's work' rather than the biological explanations discovered by science. If it was all based upon our thinking, then exorcisms would destroy cancer, every time it was done.

If something works, regardless of the theories that are used to explain it or the judgment of academia, it is science. Acupuncture, for instance, was considered a 'faith based hoax' until it was shown to work over and over again and scientists overcame their academic social bias and started checking it out with experiments... now it is accepted as a real, if 'unexplained' scientific phenomena and supported by scientists and doctors. I expect the same to happen with Homeopathy also, eventually. If it works, and can produce measurable consistent results, then science has to accept it as real, regardless of bias in our insane culture. It's like a tiny crack of reality showing through the illusion that enslaves us.

Science is not based upon opinion or philosophy or religion or anything else purely thought supported... it has to base things upon repeatable experiment and reasonable explanations that can be tested.

Science, after all, is the study of Nature, and technology is the application of science. Its in the application of science that the errors are made. And that is because of the money system and it's distortion of everything, especially values.

Science is the only thing in our culture that is not a matter of opinion... the results of the same experiment will be the same for the believer and the non-believer alike or the experiment was not the same experiment. And any scientist who demands that only that which is proven by experiment is real, and all speculation is always BS, is as culturally bound by superstition and self-deceit as the banker.

What science has discovered to work no more than scratches the surface of what is possible in Universe. But the conceptual distortion of the  money system NEVER works. So I'm going to pay attention to what is discovered by science while keeping an open mind as to what might not yet be discovered by science.

Science does not require faith. 

And yes, that is exactly what we plan on doing. Corporations are just people cooperating to further the demands of 'economics', which has as much validity as any other purely psychological 'made up from whole cloth' system of thought. And economics is like all the other false religions in that it is backed by intense violence and cruelty. We plan on making the reality of what is happening in the world clear and show how to fix what will eventually kill us if we don't fix it. 

We think people want their children to survive and flourish in an environmentally sound world of freedom and plenty. And certainly people are seeing through the declining mess that economics produces as well the way it wastes the lives of billions in meaningless makework. I guess we will see, huh? grin.

The New Civilization may come into existence after all.

Peace, my friend,

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> I watched their DVD movie, which had a
> lot of "preaching to the choir" .. punctuated by
> 1950's sci-fi style arpeggios of tremendously naive
> faith in 'modern science'  (which is, so far, CAUSE
> rather than any form of CURE for  the vast majority of
> present day "world problems..")  --of course,
> this is largely because 'modern science' is wholly
> owned by the corpocracy..  if the venusproject could
> somehow convince  90% of the world's corporations to
> just go & die, perhaps the science-mediated utopia may
> yet emerge
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