[ncnculture] Roan's Back!

David Hartley david at holistiq.com
Tue Nov 11 05:36:04 UTC 2008

Hi Roan,

I think what created problems for The Farm was a mix of 
"too much success" at much of its mission
-not quite enough success @ wholesale "personal transformation"
maybe a bit of being "ahead of its time"  (maybe it should be reinvented)
and last but not least .. a sort of isolation "ism"

You may remember that one of the points which several of us considered of
paramount importance when envisioning our newciv "mission statement" .. was
that it be right there IN the cities, modeling a wonderfully functional
business -which also just happened to model our list of essential qualities
for a NewCivilization.

That is Cafe Gratitude, if you add-in the fundamental emphasis of "personal

The Landmark Forum has roots in EST (Werner Erhard)
-but like all things from the 70's .. it has changed/evolved.
Landmark Education is pretty big; conducts seminars in many countries.

It's unlikely you've heard of Cafe Gratitude.. it's a local BayArea biz,
envisioned/created by a couple who are Landmark Education inspired.

warm wishes,
David  510.776.5914 cell
510.984.1391 landline / machine

On 11/10/2008 7:19:50 PM, Roan Carratu (worldmind at yahoo.com) wrote:
> Now that sounds cool, Dave!
> I've heard of several of those groups, or perhaps it's the same group
> several times?
> That's what the Farm was also, you know, and every group like that has
prospered and create great good in the world. I'm
> happy for you!
> Peace and Good Health
> Roan
> "'Savings?' .... I hoard my gold in spirit, where interest is
> increased by giving the principle away."
> - Dave Hartley.
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> ..'
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> > Hope y'all are happy, well, feeling productive, etc.
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