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Tue Nov 11 03:19:50 UTC 2008

Now that sounds cool, Dave! I've heard of several of those groups, or perhaps it's the same group several times? That's what the Farm was also, you know, and every group like that has prospered and create great good in the world. I'm happy for you!

Peace and Good Health

"'Savings?' .... I hoard my gold in spirit, where interest is
 increased by giving the principle away." - Dave Hartley.

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> Hi !
> I am apparently 'here...'
> Hope y'all are happy, well, feeling productive, etc.
> -me?
> Yah, I'm absolutely blown away by my life ..
> I've been working for a year as "I.T. guy"
> (computerdude)
> for www.cafegratitude.com 
> -which, once you scratch the surface.. turns out to be like
> a
> mini-demonstration model of what we all envisioned all
> these years ago!
> They own & operate 5 restaurants (with 3 or more
> opening within the next
> year)
> and employ over 200 people..  also own & operate a
> sustainable organic farm
> which supplies quite a lot of their vegetables..
> their "business model" grew out of the Landmark
> Forum
> (which I highly applaud, and recommend to anyone who is not
> fundamentally
> clear on the difference between being trapped in the
> machinery of ego as
> opposed to being the quasi-spiritual Self having a human
> experience.)
> ..plus the massive gulf between what we may individually
> perceive  as
> "reality"  and the "cold hard facts" of
> a matter.
> -I witnessed around 100 people gaining this and other bits
> of what I
> consider to be a "higher functioning" general
> perspective in couple of
> "aha" breakthrough moments (which the Landmark
> forum terms
> "transformation.")
> ... it took me years and years of books, pain, and
> "spiritual studies" to
> come to insights which a relatively average individual can
> demonstrably
> PURCHASE for $500 and obtain in one very long weekend
> seminar.
> I'm a little jealous of that 'aha' moment that
> a lotta folks got.. must've
> been quite a blast!
> -but back to how this impacts my life?
> I've become a very useful and (dare I say?) loved and
> trusted 'co-creator'
> in a business which is also "spiritual family" ..
> a demonstration "school of
> personal transformation" .. with a dedication
> stretching all the way toward
> the personal transformation of everyone on the planet;
> toward a forthcoming
> generation of people growing up in the knowledge of
> themselves as creators
> of their own lives..
> I'm not sure if words can convey..  but it feels like
> this is what I came
> here for.
> warm wishes,
> David  510.776.5914 cell
> www.holistiq.com  
> www.DavidHartley.com              
> 510.984.1391 landline / machine


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