[ncnculture] Space Weather

Roan Carratu worldmind at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 23 21:42:38 UTC 2008

Boy is the atmosphere charged up! I was picking up a
torn off corner of a bag of chips and couldn't get it
to leave my hand. The static was so intense, the
plastic stuck to me like a magnet. But at the same
time, the charge was so equal throughout the air and
everything else that I couldn't discharge it in a
spark anywhere, even the water facet or stove. The
stove at least should be grounded, being electric, but
the overall charge is high enough to cause
electrostatic effects independent of normal grounding.

Spark effects come from non-equal charges between one
mass and another, but it seems to me that if all the
masses are equally charged, the effects of that charge
exist but no spark is possible. It would be a
capacitance field effect.

I think. Seems like we should have a hellofa storm,
but while it's been raining, no thunder has been
heard. That means it could be a electrostatic state
caused by the solar MEE streaming past the planet. 

Does that make sense, or am I losing it again? grin.


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