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Hi, Dave,

I just read your story about how seeds are growing for your community---I
somehow overlooked your email before---but I wondered about it. I figured I had
missed it---still not using my own computer.

I was wondering if you could re-send me the address information of the Homeopath
that you know near Philly.   My hair is starting to fall out which happened to
my daughter before she was diagnosed.  I need to do something.   I got the
basic testing at doctors over a year ago---and no thyroid deficit showed up in
the testing---they did the ultrasound and found the nodules and then wanted to
biopsy---finances and not wanting to enter that system stopped me---but I am a
little freaked out now. Winter's lack of sunlight and exercise and stressful
work are factors in worsening symptoms-----I got out my anatomy books to verify
the symptoms------of myexema or something like that.

Anyway----my butt is being kicked to make more changes.  I have stepped up
yoga----some of the changes need to be more drastic.

I find your plans for the community so exciting---and how things are happening
for you.   I am cheering you on.  Have you heard from Touchstone yet?  If
Shakur isn't around, Eugene may be able to respond.  Anja is kind of airy when
it comes to expressing details in English as her second language.  She is an
awesomely beautiful singer and musician though :)

Best of wishes for actualization of eco-community.


Quoting david at holistiq.com:

> Hi Judy,
> What an excellent  story !
> Thanks for writing about your visit, and the "winds of change"
> -quite a tale of transformation..
> death/destruction of the old, to make way for the new,
> overcoming/redirecting the destructive forces
> with massive community effort
> thus creating a land based community..
> The story reminded me of Sufi dances (dances of Universal Peace)
> -which I used to enjoy in the old dilapidated gymnasium of what used
> to be Maui High school .. back when I lived on Maui.
> I'd love to hear more from the locally involved community members/
> founders, if you care to put us in touch.
> --
> My own present focus along the lines of place-based community
> are still mostly ideas in my head...
> Yet the "creative process" you ask about has been ongoing
> -it is only now that some pieces are beginning to fall into place
> which shows me that now is the time to spend the energy
> to "make it happen"
> My major computer client is a construction company.
> A friendly acquaintance sprang up, via our mutual association with that
> construction company, between myself and an experienced builder /
> contractor..  who has spent significant amounts of time in
> Puerto Escondido (just "Puerto" if you're a surfing afficianado,
> the surfing there is known as one of the world's top 10.)
> Although currently a smallish population center (around 40k)
> Puerto is definitely in a growth mode - the Mexican goverment seems to
> be doing reasonably well at building up much of the Pacific Coast into a
> "Mexican Riviera"  .. there seems to be still quite reasonable land prices
> here, in an area where homes and land can be expected to appreciate as
> growth continues. Income from tourism is the prime motivator.
> I suppose it is a bit like Maui may've been, maybe 25 - 30yrs ago.
> So anyhow, my friend the surfer home-builder / contractor
> has just recently become a legal Mexican citizen, and is pursuing
> his trade of home building there...
> An interesting twist is that the construction firm here in
> San Francisco who is my computer client..  has invested $140k
> in a new Mexican construction / development firm, and has purchased
> land for an initial offering...  which they've planned as four buildings
> (multi-use; easily convertible toward owner occupied or vacation rental)
> grouped around a swimming pool, and with a sort of community orientation.
> They have some interest (not a burning dedication, but still)
> toward "green" building .. and more knowledge of green building potential
> than desire to try marketing it hardcore, yet some Green / eco-friendly
> features are likely to  be integral to their first offering.
> Jaak, my friend in Puerto, had been bugging me to come down there,
> and has been trying to convince me that I could make a living there,
> doing computer work.
> Now, I don't think I'd abandon San Francisco bay area and over $60k/yr
> part time income doing computer work for living in a laid-back Mexican
> surf-town where I could maybe get by doing computer work..
> BUT-   when I start thinking about the possibility  of making a dream
> come true, in terms of a healing arts retreat/clinic/spa .. which would be
> part of a larger fully sustainable community, in time (like our visioning
> of New Civ) -it seems pretty exciting...   so I start floating the idea
> around
> and one of the people who is  very taken with it is a recent graduate of
> New College (radical yet accredited college in S.F.) in their Green MBA
> program.  She went so far as to volunteer her formidable business-paperwork
> and planning skills toward the project.
> Meanwhile, I'm getting great feedback from everyone I mention the idea to.
> I'm heading to Puerto soon, to get a feel for whether or not I think the
> project can truly happen there.
> If so, on my return, I'll start things in motion, including cutting all my
> current
> living and business expenses to the minimum, and working a LOT .. in order
> to
> save up enough cash to buy a patch of dirt to get started in Puerto.
> (a year should suffice..)
> Ideally, I'll be able to attract some co-founders, but if it feels right,
> I'll
> just go ahead regardless of whether I start on my own or have additional
> hands &/or dollars.
> best,
> www.davidhartley.com (510)776-5914   fax: (510)743-4299
> www.localcomputermart.com
> map:
> www.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&q=1012+grayson+st,+94710
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> Dave,
> Have you started the creative process, yet?  Or is it still a seed idea that
> is
> germinating?   Maybe I have forgotten if you have expressed this before.  It
> was very interesting how it started at Touchstone.  An amazing old hippy,
> Shakur, built an organic farm and sacred dance area many years ago.  When I
> visited summmer before last--with two female friends---we were thrilled with
> the atmosphere and the magic---tall, tall plants--and Shakur's stories and
> history-----but we saw the place was deteriorating physically from lack of
> maintenence.  I was concerned by the roof bowing in on the dance barn--which
> was alive with the spirit of many, many dancers through the years.  It
> elevated
> me to just be on the property and especially in the dance barn.
> People would go there to camp for retreats or to do internships in organic
> farming or to learn the sacred circle dances--which are so beautiful and my
> soul connects deeply to these dances.
> Shakur jokingly asked us who we really were--because changes started coming
> down
> as soon as we got there.  In, fact, before we arrived--they saw the first
> snake
> they have seen on the property in ages---in the underground hovel where I
> was
> to stay.   My soul myth is strongly connected to the serpent---my mayan
> birthday and the myth of persephone (perserpina)----which symbolizes a
> strong
> connection with the underworld or the unconscious mind.    There were other
> sitings of snakes on the property while I was there.    Grandmother spider
> made
> her appearance in the barn----a very ominous looking spider--which my friend
> Ruth noticed---and she and I talked at length about the need to rennovate
> the
> wonderful place. I talked to Shakur about it--because he was in denial about
> the state of the place.  His business partner--Anja--lived by the Berlin
> wall
> when it went down---she sings like an angel--and she looks like one
> too-----she
> traveled Europe singing until she came to meet Shakur and add her music to
> his
> place.   It is a place where you cann reconnect with your soul.   The third
> face of the Goddess was represented by Jenna---the maiden with whom everyone
> fell in love---she traveled there with me and was part of the trio with Ruth
> and me.   Shakur was mystified by our effect and presence.   But the bottom
> line is----we brought the winds of change to the place.
> A few months after we left---the barn that I had been warning about
> collapsed
> with rain.   Then a whole political whirlwind threatened to shut down the
> place
> and others wanted to buy the land.   All the people who had danced there and
> loved the place through the years cooperated----and met with authorities
> several times---got information---lawyers, etc.---and for a while it looked
> like the place was lost---except the support of everyone who loved the place
> finally won out----and now they are in the process of building an
> ecovillage---building new houses on the property--a new dance
> barn----keeping
> the labyrinth and other natural features that have drawn spirits through the
> years---Shakur's stories are amazing.     The material balance that needed
> to
> come to the place came through love.  So much magic manifested from the
> spirit
> of the place.
> I would love to put you in touch with Shakur if you want.  He is an amazing
> inspiration-----as is Anja.
> Judy
> Quoting david at holistiq.com:
> > Hey Judy,
> >
> > I've been entranced with eco community for lo-  these many years
> > <grin>  .. ever since first learning of the concept, and checking out
> > www.ic.org
> > Intentional Communities is a site that's been around for a long time,
> > and was (maybe still is) a printed catalog/directory before that.
> >
> > best,
> > www.davidhartley.com
> > www.holistiq.com
> > (510)776-5914   fax: (510)743-4299
> > www.localcomputermart.com
> > map:
> > www.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&q=1012+grayson+st,+94710
> >
> >
> >
> > On 2/22/2007 1:16:06 PM, windpony at pennswoods.net wrote:
> > > Hi, Dave,
> > >
> > > It was really nice to see this email in my mailbox.  I checked out your
> > > site---and marked it to check out more later.
> > >
> > > I was thinking about this list, too, the other day, and how quiet it has
> > > been.
> > >
> > > I hope everyone is well.  Your idea of eco community is wonderful.  I
> > > know
> > > people in Massachusetts--at Touchstone Farms which I visited summer
> > > before
> > > last---are now building an eco community.   I need to live in a place
> > > like
> > > this.   Still working to create health, healing, and spiritual
> community.
> > >
> > > Your email----Breath of fresh air.
> > >
> > > Thanks,
> > >
> > > Judy/Niuka
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