[ncnculture] Roan needs help again.

Roan Carratu worldmind at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 26 00:43:50 UTC 2005

My friends,

I find myself in a predicament.  (...as usual)  Again,
I turn to you, my friends.

I took the Internet because of a cash offer of $50
which I would receive after the Internet was set up. I
took it because it was $19.95 a month plus $50 cash
giveaway, and I was going to use the $50 to pay the
first few months until I could get my books up on the
net and sell stuff on Ebay.  Well, Murphy got into the
mix, and the cash didn't come, the cost got kicked up
to $33 a month, and now my Internet has been turned
off. (again)  Now the offering company (Comcast
Offers, inc.) says the money will eventually come, but
Comcast has already turned my Internet off again, and
the cash will take many weeks to get here.  

I have three books up on Ebay (check them out -search
for 'SF ebooks') and two more ready to go up, and
three more done but unedited. I've even figured out
how to let people read my sample chapters before they
buy. So I am on the edge of at least supporting my
Internet use with the possibility of actually
economically supporting myself and my family.

My SSI is in process again, but I have no other income
but food stamps.  I have always gone by the idea that
giving rather than loaning was the way to do things,
and gracefully receiving rather than being a debtor
was a better path.  I have begged on here before,
which is quite a lesson in ego deflation, to say the
least, but that was for survival, and while Americans
tend to be really touchy on the giving end of things,
even to those they know, survival is always high
priority to everyone. (Besides, you are Farmfolks and
NCNers, and you are particularly high minded compared
to most Americans!) Most people will beg when it is a
matter of survival, and there is no shame in it. But
my survival is not critical right now, and I am not
begging for that. I want to get beyond the purely
survival level of living.  I have a decent place to
live, and I have food and semi-free medical care. I am
surviving, but I want to flourish.

My family is only marginally richer than I am. My
sister has emotional problems which keeps her from
working and my niece works but barely survives
supporting my grandniece. They cannot help me. In
fact, I want to help them, which is part of my
motivation for doing my online publishing.

I didn't want to borrow money that I could not return.
But this time, I know the $50 is coming eventually (10
-16 weeks) so I will be able to pay it back.  I need
it within the next 7 days or Comcast's SOFT turnoff (a
electronic switch somewhere) will become an expensive
HARD turnoff (they take the modem and disconnect the
wiring) and it will cost more to get me back online.
(I would switch to dialup, but my modem burned out
when I hooked up to AOL on their free offer before I
got Comcast. AOL ---All Out Lame--- strikes again!) 

So could someone please loan me $50 so I can get back
online and continue my little publishing business?  

My address is:

Roan Carratu
630 23rd st #28
Ogden, Ut. 84401-1655

Cash is OK, Paypal to Stellarresults at yahoo.com should
work, and I think a money order can be put into my
sister's bank account if not sent directly to Comcast.
I'll have to check on that.  If I get more than one
loan, all will be paid back. Any beyond what I need
will be sent back immediately.

It's a lot to ask. But it is, right now, my only
option.  All I can offer in return are free copies of
my books, but those are all free to all of you anyway.

Love and good health to you all,

Peace and Good Health,
-Roan Carratu
Worldmind at yahoo.com
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