[ncnculture] Beloved Frogs are Rounded up and slaughtered

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Mon Jul 25 15:35:07 UTC 2005


Interesting that you should send this now.  I just returned from Touchstone 
Farms, an organic and sacred dance farm, in Massachusetts.  Frogs appeared 
there while we were there, for the first time in a very long time.  I have 
been seeing them everywhere lately when I am in the woods, driving, etc. 
Maybe they are running for their lives.

I would recommend for anyone who really wants a deeply life changing 
refreshing trip---to visit Touchstone in EastHampton, Mass.  I stayed in an 
underground hut with flowers growing on the roof.  My mythic companions, 
snakes, appeared while I was there, while none had been seen for a long 
time.  I visited with two female friends which made us a maiden, mother, 
crone group.   Spiders, frogs, and snakes appeared in abundance.

You can tent there or use their tents and huts and rooms when available. 
People do internships in organic gardening and dance.  The flowers are six 
feet tall and growing wild in most areas.  They pick and arrange flowers for 
market on saturday mornings.  It cost either 23 dollars a day or work on the 
farm to stay.   The sharing, intimacy, sacred circle dances on friday and 
saturday nights, and Shaker's stories make it an experience that is 
priceless.  Shaker is about 60 years old, did organic farming in Hawaii many 
years ago.  He has had amazing experiences with spirit.   And Anja, his 
business partner, has the voice of an angel.   She lived by the Berlin wall 
when it went down, and she just left and hitchhiked through Europe for five 
years, singing.   They have cd's of music and teach dances that have been 
passed down from many cultures for thousands of years.  Many dreams from my 
past returned while I was there and my soul was so restored.

Shaker introduced us to the movie----What the Bleep do we know?----I know 
you would all love it, if you haven/t seen it already.   I can't see the 
keyboard because it is getting so dark outside.  We need rain.  Time to do 
body work.


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> ESSAY Amphibian
> Roundup Herbicide kills more than weeds; frog species
> are rapidly dying off
> http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/2005/07/23/HOG7FDQQRO1.DTL
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