[ncnculture] News Article: 'Mind May Effect Machines'

Roan Carratu worldmind at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 20 17:09:58 UTC 2005

>From Wirednews: 'Mind May Effect Machines'


Interestingly, the story does not mention the 'eggs',
the 80+ random number generators spread all over the
planet which have produced the most dramatic results
so far. The correlation between major events and the
results from the Eggs has changed the scientist's
conclusions considerably, although they need a lot
more of those kinds of results before they can present
their results to mainstream science. That there is a
connection between major events and the egg results is
pretty sure, and spectacularly, the results tend to
show up 4 hours BEFORE the major event. Quantum theory
predicts this possibility, but this is the first time
anything scientific had pointed so dramatically
towards that aspect of the theory.

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