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Roan Carratu worldmind at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 11 12:12:43 UTC 2005

Acreage for sale next to our Self-Reliant Farm

Our Farm is a Sustainable Technologies Educational
Center which has taught food & energy self-reliance
skills since 1990. We're long time students of Helen &
Scott Nearing and have lived and evolved applications
of their examples since the 70's. 

Our goal is to form a Cooperative Community to share
our lifestyle and the growing, processing and storage
of our mutual year around food supply, and for the
further development of our educational services to
help others achieve the same. 

To a couple, family or small group who seek
intentional community we offer to sell 8 acres of
undeveloped land bordering our own 8 acres. This land
has a year around stream running through it and its
own deed. Those purchasing this land must have the
resources and abilities to build upon it on their own.
Open to those without the resources to purchase is
space on our land to build low-cost shelters. 

For cottages industry there are opportunities to
develop and teach classes related to our educational
center. We've also established infrastructures for CSA
and produce stand sales and have an opening for an
experience organic grower. We also need people with
building trade skills. 

Land borders county maintained gravel road w/power &
phone hookups. Road dead ends 1/2 mile up road into
forests w/hiking, X-country skiing & recreation).

Area: 16 acres (6.5 hectares) (8 acres for sale is
undeveloped with a year around stream, pure water from
mountain). Land Owned By: Individual community
member(s) (Covenants--Right of First Refusal--No
wholesale harvesting of timber--No illegal drugs).

Decision Making: By consensus (Consensus decisions are
made on community projects orientated upon food and
energy self-reliance and the running of the
educational center). Identified Leader: No 
Leadership Core Group: No Labor and Money
Financial Style: Members have independent finances.
Labor Contribution: Expected(During food growing and
processing season 16 hours per week per person for
food self-reliance. If not possible one may pay
another to meet weekly quotas). Join Fee: Yes(Joining
fee is purchasing land bordering our own, or those
without the resources to purchase may exchange labor
on lease of their site). Regular Fees: Yes(Fees/labor
exchange to develop and maintain food and energy
self-reliant systems).

Food, etc. Percentage of Food Grown: We grow, process
and store 80% of our year around vegetarian diet-Can
do 100% in community). Share Community Meals: 1
time/week (Shared meals are voluntary and planned when

convenient). Dietary Choice or Restrictions: Diet is
up to each individual Dietary Practice: Primarily
vegetarian (We raise no animals for meat, one may on
own land). 

Alcohol Use: Seldom used (We don't drink, smoke or use

Shared Spiritual Path: No(We nurture expansive
perspectives on the nature of reality). Which
Spiritual Path(s): Eclectic (integrates pieces from
many religions). (Co-creation is welcomed of
collective rituals and spiritual meaning which
nurtures our interconnecting glue).

Educational Style(s): Public schooled (One may home
school, legal in our state. Or school bus stops on
road bordering land, good school system. Other
children in neighborhood).

Visitor Process: There is much we'll all need to learn
about one another and make clear on our
compatibilities on goals and other factors before
arranging a visit. We seek people whose response to 
our community goal is a strong and clear YES! We need
to be inspired by knowing you are inspired.  Please
share with us your bios and aspirations.  Hope to hear
from you.

Best Wishes, Daniel & Patti

PS  We are located In Eastern Washington State. 
Please view photos of our farm at: 

Or try:  http://tinyurl.com/cpmvz

Peace and Good Health,
-Roan Carratu
Worldmind at yahoo.com

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