[ncnculture] Recast Reality!

Heidrun Beer hBeer at sgmt.at
Thu Nov 18 08:05:01 UTC 2004


My husband called it "the undercut of the undercut 
of the undercut"...

After so many years of study of mental training, I found
that for the common (wo)man, the runway is simply too long
to make a real impact where it is needed most: in their 
agreements with society, culture and politics. There are only 
few who do any mind work at all, and many of these get lost 
in significances and formalities.

So I tried to boil it down to the very core and make it 
"instant food": digestible without any preparations.

I would be very glad to get a link to this website from
as many pages as possible. The site is not finished yet
but there is enough to get started with daily exercises.

Plus, several $1000 would be needed to buy banner ads 
on sites that won't give us a free link, but are highly 
frequented by a pre-selected public (the alternate news 
websites from where people get their news who are already 
immune against the "mainstream virus"). If you are in the
position to sponsor the site, I hope you will contact me!

Any help would be appreciated - maybe it buys us a few
more decades on an intact planet to do our work really 
thoroughly, in peace and without the extraordinary 
distraction of a world war or nuclear winter!

Heidrun Beer

Workgroup for Fundamental Spiritual Research and Mental Training

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