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Subject: Holy Land Peace Vigil

Beloved Friends,

On Saturday November 13 thousands of people around the world will focus
their hearts and mind on the Holy Land of Israel and Palestine, helping
to ease the tensions and promote peace in this troubled land. I am
writing this letter from Jerusalem, the City of Peace, where 65
spiritual peacemakers from around the world are with me holding the
space for everyone who will send their prayers on Saturday. We have
been talking to many of the Palestinian we have met, and they have
asked for our prayers to bring about a smooth, non-violent transition
to new leadership, caused by the death of Yasser Arafat. Thus far the
energy has been calm, but our visualizations are very needed. Please
join us by "Praying Peace" for all the people in the Middle East.

Here is a simple format you can follow, or feel free to design your
own, either alone or with a group:

The key is to FEEL that peace has already prevailed in the Holy Land.
This is the strongest form of prayer in the world for we align our
minds with the Mind of God which sees all things as whole. Begin by
visualizing the Old City of Jerusalem with its ancient walls separating
one group from another. Now FEEL in your heart the sensation of all
these groups coming together in the center of this ancient city, the
city of Prophets. Then say a prayer similar to this:

"We know that peace prevails in the Middle East and through all the
world. My mind is calm, and that sense of peace flows to every being in
Israel in Palestine. My heart is open, and it helps open the hearts of
every person that is afraid and alone. Peace Prevails in the Middle
East NOW."

You can also join us live, watching the entire gathering of hundreds of
spiritual peacemakers taking place just outside Jerusalem. We are
broadcasting the video of the peace vigil (the cost of $8 simply covers
the cost of the video stream) so people all around the world can feel
that they are here. Please go to www.emissaryoflight.com to sign up

Thank you for responding to the call, and for spreading the word about
this vigil.


On December 10, 1994, James Twyman performed the Peace Concert for the
first time at the Peace Abbey outside Boston. Since then he has shared
these prayers and music in countries around the world, often during
wars or international conflicts in some of the most dangerous areas on
the planet. Millions of people have taken part in the peace prayer
vigils that have accompanied many of these journeys, beginning in 1998
when James was first invited to Baghdad by the government of Iraq. 

Please join us for a 10th Anniversary concert on December 10, 2004
being held in Ashland, Oregon. Two different concerts will be performed
at 2:00 PM and 7:00PM, both of which will be taped for an upcoming
video. If you are interested in attending, please follow this link:

We hope all of you from our extended spiritual family will join us for
this very special event. 

See you there. 

James Twyman

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messages.  If you do have questions or comments, go to the web site
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