[ncnculture] First of 10-in-a-row Mayan thingees

Letecia Layson letecia at seizethemagic.com
Wed Nov 10 14:32:29 UTC 2004

> Hi, All --
> Just reminding:  Wednesday is first of ten in a row
> 'galactic activation portal' days, in the stack that
> precedes 'Core Days'.  It's a "white" day, indicating
> growth and growing pains; and the words for the day
> speak of "polarizing" to stabilize and of "sealing
> the store of death" with a tone of "challenge".
> Here we go.... :-)

Jeff and Listmates,  OK, I have been watching the energy activiation with
the solarflares and noting how they are building as I prepare to leave for a
conference thisweekend (see information below).  It seems we are coming into potent and deep
times, moving into dark moon the next 48hrs (or so) and then new moon in
Scorpioon Friday which is also Lunar Samhain/Hallows.

Though these days this list is not very active, I still feel supported and
connected to acommon vision through the heartlinks created here.

I hope all is well.  I have been laughing a whole lot more since I saw
What theBleep...and telling my friends, "now you know what goes on inside of my
Blessings,  Letecia

The website has new information
<http://www.gifteconomyconference.com> Read around it as time
permits. Lots of good information.

Susan Bright
Center for the Study of the Gift Economy
512-626-4037  (my cell)
(512) 7369700 (cell for Sally Jacques)

Here's the final program: (tell your friends who wanted to come but
couldn't that we're going to webcast, info on website)

Friday, November 12
Registration 4:00 PM
Evening 7:00-10:00 PM

Opening: Luisah Teish
Introduction by Genevieve Vaughan
Kaarina Kailo (Finland) The Global Rat Race Revisited; Ecospiritual
andActivistMovements Reviving the Gift Imaginary
Madu Auditore (Ivroy Coast/Italy/Australia) For the Children of the World
Susan Petrilli (Australia/Italy) Lady Welby: Semiotics and Mothersense
Paola Melchiori (Italy) Epistemology and the Gift
*Questions & Answers

Saturday, November 13
Registration 8:00 AM
Morning 8:45 AM -12:30 PM

Opening: Indigenous Women
Genevieve Vaughan (USA/Italy) Heterosexual Economics: Gift-giving and
ExchangeYvette Abrahams (South Africa) The Social Structure of the Historical
Khoekhoe as
a Model for a Gift Economy
Mililani Trask (Hawaii) Indigenous Women and the Gift Economy
*Questions and Answers

Heide Gottner Abendroth (Germany) The Relationship between Modern
Matriarchal Studies and the Gift Paradigm
Rauna Kuokkanen (Finland/Canada) Enabling the Gift Logic of Indigenous
Jeanette Armstrong (Canada) Whole Family Systems in Living Community
on the Land and Sustainable Living

Lunch Break

Afternoon 2:00-5:00 PM

Peggy Maze Johnson (USA ) Nuclear isuues in Nevada
Claudia Von Werlhof (Austria) Capitalist Patriarchy and the Struggle for a
Sylvia Shihadeh (Palestine/USA) The Gift of the Peace Movement in the
Palestinian/Israeli Conflict
Erella Shadmi (Israel) Can I Forgive Men (or Any Other Hegemony?)
* Questions and Answers

Peggy Antrobus (Barbados) The Gift and Caribbean Economies
Rabia Abdelkarim (Algeria/Senegal) Solidarity Economics
Dotti Chamblin (USA) Gift Giving and the Movement Against Domestic Violence
Ana Isla (Peru/Canada) Sustainable Development and Poverty Creation
* Questions and Answers

Dinner Break

Saturday, November 13
Evening 7:00-10:00 PM

Elisabet Sahtouris (USA) Crisis as Opportunity: The Biology of Globalization
Corinne Kumar (India) Towards a New Political Imaginary
Leslene della Madre (USA) Approaching Death from the View of Gift-giving
Vicki Noble (USA) She Gives the Gift of Her Body
* Questions & Answers

Sunday, November 14
Morning 9:00AM -12:30 PM

Patricia Pearlman (USA) The Goddess Temple of Sekhmet as a Gift Economy
Rokeya Begum (Bangladesh) On the Feminism of the Gift Economy
Maria Jimenez (Mexico/USA) Gift giving across Borders
Mechthild Hart (Germany/USA) The Bodiless Spirit of Patriarchal
Capitalism, Real Bodies, and Corporeal Feminist Resistance

* Questions & Answers
Sizani Ngubane (South Africa) Rural Women in South Africa Caring for
Children with AIDS
Tracy Gary (USA) Women's Funding Partnerships
Marta Benavides (El Salvador) Activism and the Gift Economy in El Salvador
Riane Eisler (Austria, Cuba, USA) Changing Economics -- and the World
* Questions & Answers

Lunch Break

Afternoon: 2:00-7:00 PM

Carol Brouillet (USA) Facing the shadow of 9/11
Renea Roberts (USA) Gifting it at Burning Man
Andrea Alvarado (Costa Rica) The Gift Giving Philosophy of Open
Source Technology
Brackin Firecracker (USA) Activism: The Hopeful Gift of a Better World
Frieda Werden (USA/Canada) The Gift of Community Radio
Angela Miles (Canada) Linda Christiansen-Ruffman (USA/Canada)Women's
Giving: A new Frame f
or Feminist Policy Demands
*Questions & Answers
G oup Discussion
Closing Rearks
Closing: Luisah Teish

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